Don't Give Up On Family Even If They're Furry


Don't Give Up On Family Even If They're Furry


"Don't Give Up on Family Even If They're Furry - Why Your Dog's Bad Behavior Is Your Fault" is Candace Canty's inaugural book.

Do not order this book if you can say “my dog is absolutely perfect” with a straight face.

If you believe old dogs can learn new tricks; if you’re looking for something more than “sit, shake, and heel;” if you want an amazing and fulfilling life for you and your dog, this is the book for you.

You’re the oldest dog in the house, so if you’re willing to learn, Candace D'Agnolo is willing to teach you exactly what you need to move beyond alpha dog and into uncharted territory – where dog trainers alone can never take you.

You have the power to choose whether you like holding the leash or sniffing the ground. How you move forward, keep your commitments, and choose your life will dictate if you are the walker or the walked.

Commit to your dog and make the right choice.

A collar is not a good look for you.

From the Author
"Your dog is your reset button." - Candace

I'm going to let you in on a big secret... I had bad dogs... I guess sometimes they still get a little out of control... who doesn't, right?!

here was so much jumping, pulling and barking. So much barking that my neighbors would send me texts when we were out to dinner and we'd rush home. My quality of life was affected because of my dog's bad behaviors.

I understood what my dog's well being was (well fed, taken care of, lots of walks). I knew so much about how to care for dogs; I built a business around it! However, I was a huge contradiction! I would share tips and educate our customers, but what happened to my dogs?!

And then it really hit me. Like big time.

realized my dog's behavior was really a direct reflection of how chaotic my entire life was and that's when I knew I had to make a change.

My book shares my stories of moving from a dogaholic to a great pet parent AND how getting committed to my dog's behavior had a ripple effect throughout the rest of my life.

PETS HAVE POWER! They really do!

Candace D'Agnolo
Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics


*This book comes autographed and can be personalized.

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About the Author

Not just a dogaholic, but a dog of all trades, Candace D'Agnolo is Pet Parent Expert, Founder of Dogaholics, speaker, writer, consultant and professional dog belly rub scratcher.

Candace set out to build a local community who cares deeply about the quality of life for their pets. What resulted was beyond her wildest dreams. Dogaholics became the center of an engaging and loyal following of committed people with a passion for helping all dogaholics become better pet parents!

Commitment, chaos, and consistency have been the reoccurring challenges in Candace’s life. In surmounting her own obstacles, she has mastered the skills needed to live her life vision and give herself and her dogs the good life.

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