Common Questions




Why do you require that my dog be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age?

Dogs in their adolescence often begin exhibiting several unwanted behaviors. Intact dogs (especially males) in a large pack setting can have an adverse affect on the overall pack dynamic. For these reasons, we ask that an intact dog exhibiting unwanted behaviors on a frequent basis not come back to daycare until they are neutered. Puppies under 8 months of age may attend daycare until they have the procedure; if the dog is not neutered after their 8 month birthday, they will be excluded from daycare until the procedure is performed.


If a dog is deemed inappropriate for a daycare setting, we can offer advice on how to properly and safely socialize your dog on your own time, or may even recommend a trainer/veterinary behaviorist. A reassessment can be scheduled for a later date if the behavior is something we feel can be corrected at home.

Can I watch my dog play? Do you have webcams?

While we do not have webcams in our play area, we are quite active on Snapchat! We film and update our feed every Mon- Wed - Fri. in the afternoon. Follow us on Snapchat @dogaholics


Do you offer tours of the facility? 

Because we have dogs on site seven days a week, we are not able to give tours of our facility due to city regulations and liability issues.  We also open our outdoor play park to the public every Saturday from 9am-10am and every Monday from 6pm-7pm. We encourage all current and potential clients to visit during these hours for an opportunity to see the space their dog spends the day in. 



What is raw paw?

Raw paw is the name given to small abrasions to the paw pads that can arise from extensive activity on concrete. This is very common for dogs who are new to our daycare or puppies who have very soft paws. With consistent daycare the paws will begin to callous and raw paw will cease to be a problem. If we notice any dog exhibiting signs of raw paw (licking the paw, limping) we will remove them from our pack, apply a balm to the area and segregate the dog for a time so they can avoid further aggravating the sore pad.  


Do you feed the dogs?

It is our policy to not give food to dogs in our care unless otherwise requested by the owner. If you wish to bring a lunch for your dog to be fed during daycare we are more than happy to accommodate. Lunches are served between 11am-1pm.


How are your play groups separated? Will my small dog be separated from bigger dogs?

At Dogaholics, we believe in an integrated pack. We have over 2500 square feet of outdoor space where dogs of all breeds, sizes and energy levels can commune freely. Smaller, older, or less mobile dogs tend to separate themselves from their more rambunctious peers by seeking out the quieter areas of the play park where they can lay down and have a relaxing nap in the sun. If we notice a senior or small dog is being overwhelmed by more high energy dogs, will we remove them from the situation and pair them with a group more appropriate.


What do you do if a dog gets sick or injured?

The safety and well-being of our dogs is our biggest priority. If any handler notices a dog exhibiting signs of an injury, the dog is immediately removed from play and given a look to determine what the possible injury may be. Our next step is to immediately notify the owner of the injured dog so we may together determine the best course of action. In extreme emergency situations where an owner cannot be immediately reached, a dog may be taken to the nearest vet by a member of our staff. Any dog that is exhibiting symptoms of common canine ailments (kennel cough, warts, dog flu, etc.) will be immediately separated from all contact with other dogs and the owners notified. If a confirmed diagnosis is given, the dog will be excluded from daycare until they are given clearance from their veterinarian.