New Client Assessment Form for Petpreneurs!

Welcome to Dogaholics Consulting! 

Together, we'll help you go from working like a dog to LIVING THE TOP DOG LIFE

Below is our new client assessment form. It's critical you are brutally honest with me in your responses. Don't hold back about anything. Don't skip a question and don't fudge the numbers. Having built my own business, I can guarantee there is no number too low and no energy, attitude or challenge that I haven't had to overcome myself. All the information you share will be kept confidential between us.

I'm excited to get to know you better and help you sky rocket your business! 

Woofs & Wags,



Candace D'Agnolo
CEO, Dogaholics



Please fill out the below web form fields and have it submitted to me one week before our scheduled strategy session if possible. Since this is a web form, you'll need to complete it in one sitting. If you want to work on it in chunks, I recommend typing your responses in a Word document, then copy and paste them when you're finished back into the web form. If a field is required (*) and the question isn't relative to your business, just type N/A or 0.

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My Address
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Business Phone
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Share with me what you do, offer, sell. How do you help people?
What type of customer makes up the majority of your sales? Describe them to me as best you can in generalizations (i.e: distributor, consumer, retailer, service business, online shopper, geography, age range, gender, approximate income, interests, etc). Share with me as much as you can - even if some are hypothetical generalizations.
Share with me any formulas you use, strategies, techniques, guessing, for how you determine what to charge your clients.
For example - money, dog food, pet sitting, car, phone, etc - anything the business is paying for that you are benefitting from
For example: money, dog food, pet sitting, car, phone, etc - anything the business is paying for that you are benefitting from
First, think about each of those categories above (daily, weekly, monthly and tell me what you think is a realistic increase to achieve in those areas in the next 6-12 months. Second, think about the type of income you want to bring into your life and share with me how much more you want to be taking and putting into your own pocket.
Think about your life and business. What is it that you really want? How should your business serve you? How do you want to be spending your time? Share with me.
Explain in as much detail as you can.
Explain is as much detail as you can.
I learn the best through...
You can choose more than one, but no more than three. Pick your top one, two or three ways to learn and work.
I work best...
Please choose the option that best describes you
What will it look like 1 year from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?
If there’s more information you’d like to share with me, like a business partner’s contact information or anything else I should know that I haven't asked. Please add those details here.

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