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We'd love to have your dog as our guest!

You wouldn't leave your family home alone or pawn them off on a neighbor for a few days, would you?

Here at Dogaholics, we offer premium dog boarding for the canine communities of Chicago and Lakeview. We treat your furry pal like the beloved family member they are, welcoming them into our pack with cushy accommodations and five-star entertainment experiences.
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Our Boarding


While luxuriating in the accommodations at Dogaholics, your canine family member enjoys cozy sleeping arrangements, tons of entertainment, and special treatment. We understand what it means to take care of your dog in the way they deserve. At our premier dog boarding facility in Chicago, your pooch will play with other dogs during the day and have a cozy private kennel to rest in at night. While enjoying their daily playtime with their canine companions, your pup will experience the largest outdoor play area in Chicago. We have team members watching over your furry loved one every second of the day and night, fully devoted to their constant care.

Our Boarding Prices and Arrangements

Our boarding services provide comprehensive care so your beloved pooch gets the love and attention they deserve. Our staff are on site until 11:00 PM at which time your fur-baby will retire to their kennel and our facility will be locked. Our staff will arrive the next morning at 6:00 AM to give them some love, attention and to let the pups out, provide breakfast, and they will then promptly join daycare at 7:00 AM.

Your dog’s boarding fees are as follows:
One dog is $70 per night. There is an additional charge of $15 per night for each additional dog from the same household.
Dogs must be dropped off before 1 pm on the first day of their stay and must be picked up during open business hours and before 8 pm on Sunday. Pick up and drop off after business hours is subject to approval by overnight staff. Pick-up and drop-off times outside of our regular business hours need to be arranged when scheduling your appointment to ensure we can accommodate your schedule.
Monday - Friday: 7 pm - 9 pm
Saturday: 5 pm - 9 pm
Sunday: 8 am - 9 pm
Learn more about dog daycare options during your pup’s stay by checking out our daycare page or the FAQ section.
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What to Pack for

Your Dog’s Stay

We will provide your pup with food and water dishes, a private and spacious kennel, and plenty of friends to keep them busy and happy. We only ask that you bring their preferred food in a labeled, resealable, airtight container. We also encourage you to bring any creature comforts that may make their stay more enjoyable, like a blanket from home or their favorite stuffed animal.

Additionally, we can administer any medication your pup may need for non-contagious health issues while they are here. We ask that you include detailed instructions and any special treats you may use at home, like hot dogs or peanut butter.

Dog Boarding

in Chicago

Let us be your pupper’s home away from home. For all your dog boarding needs in the Chicago and Lakeview areas, trust in the team at Dogaholics to treat your beloved companion like family. Give us a call to discuss our accommodations and reserve your pooch’s stay.
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Healthy pets are happy pets,
trust their paws to our caring hands!

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