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Three Tips to Help Quickly Potty Train Your New Puppy


Potty training a puppy is one of the first and most important challenges a new pet parent will face. Dog’s find themselves most commonly surrendered to shelters due to inexperienced owners not wanting to take responsibility for potty training their dog. While many people find it frustrating to have to wash their rugs and floors from stinky mess after sinky mess - it’s simply a part of being a pet parent. Below you will find several tips to help you get past this challenging part of owning a dog. 


Here are three tips to help make your puppy potty training go smoothly and spare your floors of any unwanted accidents:


  • Crate Training: The simple idea behind this method is to provide your pup with a nice den to call her own. The trick is, no dog wants to use the restroom in their living space. Dog’s are clean animals and like to keep their spaces free of any unwanted messes. That’s why it’s important to recognize when your puppy wants to leave the crate - it means he wants to use the restroom. This is your chance to let your pup out and train them where they should relieve themselves. 


  • Paper Training: Using absorbent pads is a viable approach, but it also trains your pup to get used to peeing indoors. That’s why it’s best to reserve the paper training for situations where you know you won’t be able to let your dog out to pee, such as when you are out of the house and know you’ll be running a little late. 


  • Frequent Walks Outside: Puppies constantly need to use the bathroom, whether that be to urinate, or for more solid needs. That’s why it’s best to develop a routine that will provide your puppy with ample opportunity to leave the house. Do this through regular potty breaks with short and long walks throughout the day on a regular routine basis. 

Selecting a Groomer For Your Puppy

Dogaholics is here to help you on your new puppy journey. Our professional and talented groomers will provide you with a personalized and pamper filled experience! We pride ourselves on our timely ability to groom your dog with appointments typically beginning  within 15 minutes of your arrival. We strive to give your pooch the best experience we can by treating them like the royalty they are! For more information, call or visit our website to schedule your puppy’s appointment today!

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Healthy pets are happy pets,
trust their paws to our caring hands!
Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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