Why should you adopt a senior dog?

November is the ASPCA’s Adopt a Senior Dog Month, and we can’t help but celebrate at Dog-a-holics dog boutique Chicago. Why? Because we love all pooches, of course—from puppies, to playful youngsters, and yes, even the seniors. They’re just so cuddly! Here are three reasons you should help spread the word this month.


Reason #1: They’re oh-so-lovable.

Older dogs really aren’t ones for running and playing fetch, they’d much prefer just lounging around and cuddling with their human. It’s important to remember that they still do need their daily exercise, though, so if you’re too busy for work, let Dog-a-holics pet boutique Chicago take care of it with our dog walking service!  


Reason #2: They already know it all.

Senior dogs were puppies a long time ago, which means that most dogs available for adoption have already been trained. Phew! It will take some time for your new four-legged friend to get accustomed to your home—it’s a totally new environment for him—but for the most part, they have the ability and experience to know what you need and how to do what you’re asking them to do.  


Reason #3: Hello… They’re cute!

This one’s a given, because let’s face it… all dogs are cute! Sure puppies are funny and teeny-tiny, but they also love to chew on your shoes (they always go for the new pair, don’t they)? Senior dogs have been around the block and back, so they’re no longer teething and prefer lying low to playing fetch. And those eyes. How can you say no to those eyes?

This month, remember to check Pose a Pet to see all of the dogs that are available for adoption at the Chicago Canine Rescue. Young and cute or old and sweet—every pup deserves a loving home!