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Pay Attention To These 3 Signs In Dogs


We've all had that nagging feeling that our dog may be unwell, but we have no way of knowing just how ill they might be. Well, there are a few signs you can pay attention to when it comes to dogs. The good thing is that a dog's signal language is straightforward, making it easy to interpret. 


The following are signs to pay attention to in canines.


Tail Tucking

Some dogs tuck their tails between the hind legs in the event of some discomfort. Although this may look cute, your pet may tuck its tail because of a medical condition. It could be an issue with the dog's body that might be causing them intense physical pain and discomfort. Dogs do not communicate with human beings in the same way people communicate. 


Your pet dog may also tuck its tail as a form of defense. They might be defensive or aggressive; therefore, it is best to be careful while dealing with them. When dogs get uneasy, they typically go into a submissive position by lowering their bodies and tucking the tail between their limbs for protection because this position reduces their profile against other animals.


Excessive Barking

If your dog barks for no apparent reason or in a way that is not clear to you, it is important to find out why. Although some barking is normal, excessive barking definitely requires attention. Stress, anxiety, or separation anxiety can cause your dog to bark excessively. 


It is important to note that separation anxiety can be a serious problem if not treated right. Your dog could also have an illness or sickness that causes this behavior. Since a dog can't say it is sick, barking is its way of communicating that to you. If excessive barking persists, take your pet to a veterinary officer for examination.


Unwarranted Aggressiveness

There are a variety of reasons dogs can become aggressive. One common reason is a lack of socialization. Your pup, just like human beings, deserves meaningful interaction with other dogs. 


Denying them this privilege can lead to aggressiveness. Dogs can also become aggressive to prove their social dominance. If a dog considers itself the leader of a certain pack, it affirms this by behaving fiercely. Other causes may be physical pain or discomfort, and you need to take note and attend to them right away. 


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