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Holiday Hazards: What Every Pet Parent Should Know


Staying safe is a large part of the holiday fun, which also extends to your furry friends. Don't get too carried away this holiday; remember that you must care for your pet simultaneously. In this article, you'll learn about the holiday hazards you need to keep an eye on. Using this information, pet owners worldwide have kept their precious animal companions happy and safe during the holidays.


Food Can Be Dangerous

You often hear that the holiday season is about giving. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean you should be giving your pet whatever food they want. Treating your pet during the holidays is alright, but you should be aware of what you’re giving them.

Plenty of holiday food can actually be dangerous for pets. You shouldn’t give your pet table scraps as much as possible. For example, your pet may choke on some holiday turkey bones or ingest some sweets that may be toxic to them. It’s always safest and healthiest to keep them on their regular diet, even during the holiday season. 

Hazardous Decor

Decorations are typical during the holiday season. However, you may be surprised to learn that many holiday decorations can actually be hazards for curious pets. There are many stories of pets ingesting small ornaments they shouldn't have, and rushing them to the vet can seriously dampen the holiday spirit. 

Typical holiday decorations such as tinsel can choke pets if they inhale or ingest them. Some holiday plants, like mistletoe, are equally as dangerous and can even be toxic for some animals. It's safest to keep small decorations out of your pet's reach and supervise them whenever they get near.




Your pets are just as excited to see what's inside your gifts as you are, so it's essential to watch over them if they get too curious. In some instances, your pet may get so interested that they tear through the gift wrapping and get their paws on the contents. You never know what's inside your gifts until you open them. For that reason, you shouldn't trust your pets around them too much.



Avoid Holiday Hazards at Dogaholics

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