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Feeding Your Dog Raw Food


As proud dog owners, we are often all too aware of how mesmerized our pooches are with the thought of their next meal. Food plays an essential role in a dog's life, and as owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure our pet is provided with a diet that promotes their wellbeing. However, dogs have an ever-expanding wealth of food and diet options that may leave some owners overwhelmed. Today we will spotlight both the benefits and precautions of feeding your pup a raw food diet. 


For new pet parents, a canine raw food diet will consist of a range of organ meats, muscle meats, raw eggs, yogurt, and various canine-friendly fruits and vegetables. According to raw food supporters, your dog will receive a host of benefits, including: 


  • Higher quality of dental health 
  • A notable increase in energy 
  • Brighter coat
  • Healthier skin 
  • Smaller stools 


Owners must also be aware of the risks associated with an all raw food diet. Simply put, raw meat can pose various health hazards for both owner and pet. Careful cleaning and preparation will be needed when you feed your pup. Unclean meat risks the chance of spreading bacteria and other pathogens to other members of the household. Be careful with bones. If you’re not attentive, your pup might choke or break his teeth while chewing on boney remains of his meal. 


As a responsible pet parent, be mindful of your dog’s nutritional needs. A raw food diet will need to be built to provide your pup with the minerals and vitamins he needs to thrive. Mishandling your dog’s diet can have lasting harm on your companion’s health. To make sure your dog’s health is maintained, consult with your local vet before making any drastic changes to your dog’s diet. 


We’ll Take Care of Your Pup at Dogaholics

At Dogaholics, we will treat your pup like they’re a member of our family. Whether you're dropping your furry friend off for daycare, grooming, or a vacation, you can trust our compassionate and professional team to treat your dog with the care they need to flourish. Visit our website or call us today to learn more about services and boarding requirements. 


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Healthy pets are happy pets,
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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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