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Dog Grooming in Chicago


Does your pup need grooming? At Dogaholics, we guarantee no long waits and a personalized experience ensured to satisfy both you and your furry companion. We never leave our guests unattended or left in a cage and strive to meet all your pet’s needs with love and only our fullest attention. 

Our groomers at Dogholice proudly offer a wide range of grooming services that will soothe and spoil your pup with loving affection:


  • Bathing
  • Handheld blow-dry 
  • Brushing
  • Full haircut
  • Nail trimming 
  • Ear cleaning 
  • Toothbrushing 
  • Touch-up haircut


Grooming is an important part of pet ownership but we understand the fuss it can be for pet parents who are short on time. Regular brushing ventilates your dog's coat and promotes the growth of healthy new hair. In addition, grooming provides your pup relief as removing excess grease from their coat will keep your dog’s pores unblocked and irritation-free. 


Offer your pet a loving and luxurious day of pampering by booking an appointment today in our Chicago area. We promise you’ll leave basking in the loveliness of your pet’s fresh and gorgeous new haircut!

We’ll Pamper Your Pup at Dogaholics 

At Dogaholics, our devoted and compassionate team is here for all your doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming needs. We have a passion for dogs and would love to welcome your pup to the family. For top-notch quality grooming services call and book an appointment today!


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Healthy pets are happy pets,
trust their paws to our caring hands!
Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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