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5 Tips For Working from Home with a Dog


Working from home has become more prevalent now than ever in the era of COVID-19. However, despite any inconveniences this may have caused, one of the biggest benefits is being able to stay at home with your furry best friend for the majority of the day. While the temptation to play and cuddle with our dogs the entire day is high, below are some tips to balance working from home while also spending time with our beloved pets.

  • Walk your dog at the beginning of the day: Once the work day starts, things can get hectic and the last thing you want is your dog needing to go to the bathroom while you’re in the middle of an important meeting. To avoid situations like this, take your dog on a morning walk at the beginning of the day. This will give your pup a needed bathroom break after a night’s rest and can also be a refreshing and energizing way to start off your day. 


  • Create a comfortable space for your pup: Throughout the day your dog may want to run around or play with their toys. To avoid any distractions, create a comfortable and fun environment for your dog away from your workspace so they can play and spend time there. If your dog’s personality is more mellow and they enjoy being in your presence more, then consider having a doggy bed near your workspace so your dog can be by your side while you work. 


  • During important meetings, keep your dog occupied: To avoid any distractions while you’re in an important meeting, keep your dog occupied either with toys, frozen treats, or dropping them off at a doggy daycare. 


  • Schedule consistent breaks to give your dog attention, food, and anything else they need: Throughout the day, you want to be sure to check on your dog at regular intervals. Situations may occur where your dog may need an extra bathroom break or is feeling lonely and simply needs your attention. By setting aside a few minutes throughout your day to check on your dog, you can be sure that your pup is well taken care of. 


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