Why we love Sophisticated Pup

Locally made, Chicago themed, collars, leashes and t-shirts by Sophisticated Pup are some of our absolute favorite items in our shop! The cool canine kid gear is blowing out of the store and making its way on to every dog in the city!! We are so fortunate the designer, Michelle O'Hollaren, also lives in Chicago. And a fun fact is that Dogaholics was actually one of her very first retailers back in 2006!! 

Michelle's product line has evolved a lot since then. It all began as couture like, hand-sewn, dog coats and dresses and now Sophisticated Pup focuses more on collars and accessories...and we don't mind the evolution because our customers LOVE SOPHISTICATED PUPS NEW ITEMS!


Inspired by her little pug, Penny, Michelle has been producing original designs in Chicago since around 2006. Sophisticated Pup was the first handmade pet product company of its kind in the city of Chicago. Moving from a handful of boutiques to now fulfilling orders large enough to support TJMaxx and her 100+ boutique retailers, it's hard to believe that all the times are STILL hand-sewn! 


SP is focusing on collars and accessories but they've just launched a new home decor line featuring original pet, and Chicago-themed prints, many with hand-applied gold foil accents.


Penny is an American Lo-Sze Pug.  Penny came into Michelle’s world August 3, 2005. All products get Penny's pawprint of approval. Penny is a survivor of canine liver disease and when she was diagnosed, Michelle was told Penny had 4-6 weeks to live! Not accepting that prognosis, she sought out more expertise and turned Penny's life around through medicine, specialty vets and foods that are more holistic and promote liver health. 

Michelle's tip to other pet parents who are facing health challenges with their pets, is to not give up! Seek out specialists. Your average vet doesn't have the training or expertise in some of the specialized issues that pets face. As a pet parent, it's your responsibility to do your research, get educated on what you can do and go to the specialist who can help you heal your pet.  


Penny loves Big Star's outdoor patio! Actually, she loves all outdoor, dog friendly patios and works the Sophisticated Pup's booth at street festivals and trade shows. She recently even made it up to Lake Geneva for a wonderful weekend getaway with her parents. 


Check out their full line at www.sophisticatedpup.com

Chicago themed products available on our website for purchase here