"Summer time and the livin's... a little stressful?" Wait. That's not right.

Summer is here so there's lots of reasons to celebrate outside! 

The next couple of months will be filled with BBQs, friends and fireworks.

While we may love these three things, they aren't as pleasant for our pooches.

Tips to keeping your pup safe & stress-free this summer... 

1) Exercise your dog BEFORE FESTIVITIES

If you already know your dog hates fireworks, give him plenty of exercise earlier in the day. The less energy he has come show time, the better.


From large crowds at firework displays or festivals to smaller gatherings of even 15 people, the chaos can be too much. Really think about your dog's personality and behaviors before subjecting them to loud noises and strangers.  It may seem fun to take your dog along, but they may feel a lot more comfortable at home... especially when the fireworks start.


Keep the windows closed. Turn on a box fan to muffle sound. Limit outdoor walks during chaos...and it never hurts to have lots of bones ;)



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