We're giving away money!

There must be a local or national charity you love to support. A community group you're involved in. Someone you know who could use a little extra assistance. 

I do. That's why I created a variety of "give back" programs through Dogaholics. We believe in doing more than just handing you a gift certificate or gift basket for a silent auction. 

We believe it takes a partnership. So we have six programs you can utilize to raise money for whatever or whoever you care about! 

Personally, I give lots of my time and money to Chicago Canine Rescue (they brought Guinness + Clover into my life) and more recently, I helped train a group of women entrepreneurs of the Women's Curio Market in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa. A small group of us worked with them on marketing, management, and budgeting skills to bring more money into their homes to feed their families. It was one of the most memorable and rewarding moments of my life! 

My point is...that your charity doesn't have to be dog centered...it can be anything your passionate about and Dogaholics is happy to get involved and promote your cause! 

Almost 1/2 of US households have at least one dog and I know they care deeply about many other issues! Let's work together to raise awareness and funds for the things that truly matter to all of us - whether they have four legs, two legs, fins or feathers! 

Dogaholics looks forward to partnering with you!

Woofs + Wags,

Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics