#imadogaholic Photo Contest!

Tell the world why you’re a dogaholic! Share a photo with us expressing your love. The picture can include a sign or just you and your dog with a caption explaining why your fur baby means the world to you. Along with the photo, use the hashtag ‪#‎imadogaholic‬. One lucky dogaholic will win one of our branded toys for their pup! We can't wait to see all of your photos!

Facebook Rules

To enter, post a photo on our page, facebook.com/dogaholics, of why you’re a dogaholic and use the #imadogaholic.

Instagram Rules

To enter, post a picture of why you’re a dogaholic with #imadogaholic and tag @dog_a_holics.

Twitter Rules

CONTEST-Tweet @dogaholics a pic of why you’re a dogaholic & use #imadogaholic to win a prize!

How to Win

Winners are chosen twice a month (1st and the 15th). All entries must use the hashtag, #imadogaholic to be eligible. All photo submissions between contest time frames, that are posted to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts will be pooled together. One winner, between all three sites, will be randomly chosen. Only one photo submission per person per contest time frame.

Disclaimer: All photos added by fans on the Dogaholics Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages are eligible for nomination. All entries received during the contest period can be used by Dogaholics. Any entries that are protected by copyright or trademark, without the permission of the author or the owner, will not be considered valid entries for the contest and will be disqualified.