Soothe Your Pet's Itch

That never-ending scratching, biting, licking and chewing can be hard to watch knowing your pet is suffering. Figuring out what’s causing your dog’s itchiness can sometimes be a hard task. Generally, itchiness can be narrowed down to the following categories and with the help of your veterinarian and nutrition experts you’ll likely find a remedy!

Possible Reasons for Itching


Fleas, ticks, and mange are a few examples of parasites that can be found in your dog’s coat. Sometimes the pet can be allergic to the bite, causing hair loss, discomfort, and infection. You can usually tell if your pet has fleas because they are large enough to be seen by the human eye and leave “flea dirt” behind in the fur. If parasites are the culprit, medications can be administered to kill off most pests.


Yeast and fungal infections can cause your pet’s ears or skin to emit a foul odor, in addition to hair loss, redness, scratching and licking. Antibiotics and corticosteroids can heal these infections, but your veterinarian should confirm infections before beginning a medical regimen.


Just like us, pets can also suffer from dry skin, especially in lower-humidity climates. Dry skin can easily be treated; usually by upgrading your pet’s diet and/or adding dietary supplements. Omega fatty acids such as fish oil, coconut oil or probiotics like yogurt are easy ways to supplement your pet’s diet and provide the missing components that your pet’s body needs to heal. Short-term relief can be found by bathing your pet in tea tree oil shampoo.


Animals can be allergic to environmental triggers like dust, pollen and grass, as well as, certain proteins, grains or ingredients in their food or treats. Narrowing down what the allergen is can be tricky and an often-lengthy process requiring strict diet control. Veterinarians usually prescribe foods with only one meat protein source and something that hasn’t been fed before like rare proteins such as venison, rabbit or pheasant.


If you are noticing dandruff, paw licking, ear scratching or warm/red skin then there is likely an allergy present and your pet needs your help to become more comfortable. Simply feeding a balanced, high-quality, species-appropriate diet can solve many allergies. Come into Dogaholics Boutique and speak with myself or any of my team of pet nutrition experts to discover which food is best for your dog and learn more about supplemental detoxing. We look forward to speaking with you, soon!

- Candace Canty, Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics