Announcing a New Food Line - Zignature!

If you know Dogaholics, you know the pride we take in our dog food. You know how serious we are about our standards - they’re not just high, they’re sky high!  Choosing to carry a dog food at our boutique consists of a thorough analysis of not just the ingredients in a dog food but the company that makes it as well.  Each brand must maintain our strict principals, one of which is no wheat, no corn, no soy.  We carefully review every detail, every element, and only then will we consider to carry a brand of dog food.  We do the work so you don’t have to.

I am proud that Zignature passed the our 'test' and happy to announce it's the newest addition to the lines of food we sell.  It’s a limited ingredient food, contains no grains, no potatoes, no dairy and no chicken products.  Zignature boasts the lowest glycemic index on the market with whole proteins and natural ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals.  It’s free from binding agents that are high in simple carbohydrates and starches that cause sharp spikes in blood glucose levels.  Instead, they use low glycemic ingredients such as whole chickpeas and green peas to bind their food.   Zignature is the answer to your pup’s sensitive tummy, his allergies, constant itching and even…his gas.  Now you really can’t blame it on the dog!

Zignature's food starts with real meat first because dogs are carnivores and require animal protein.  The first ingredient in any pet foot is important because there is more of that ingredient than any other.  

The folks at Zignature create and develop their own recipes with their own nutritionist.  They make their products in small batches and all products are manufactured in the United States.   They are a small company with a strong commitment to small companies like us and strive to create the best dog food for their customers without being hindered by corporate America.  

Zignature gets their fresh ingredients from the best sources around the globe. Trout, salmon and turkey from the United States, lamb from New Zealand, duck from France, kangaroo from Australia and whitefish from North America.  The fruits and veggies come from North America too, with the vitamins and minerals from North America and France. 

It's companies like Zignature that set us apart from big box stores.  We believe in quality - not just packing our shelves.  We stand proud with the brands we carry because they stand side by side with us.  Our standards are the same and we care about the same thing…your furry family member.

Stop by this weekend and see first- hand what Zignature is all about.  See you soon!