iFetch - The game will never be the same.

If you have a 'fetchaholic' for a pet - they will think this is the most amazing thing on the planet!

The iFetch just arrived to Dogaholics and we have only a handful available. They've been in high demand in the pet industry for a long time as the manufacturer was working on development and funding. We are so excited to finally have them available for you!! 

It's easy to use. To power it up, just plug it in or use batteries. Drop the ball inside and it launches out. Your dog can even learn to drop the ball back into the iFetch to create a constant game of fetch!! They'll go bananas and be worn out!


  • There are three distance settings (10', 20' and 30') and it comes with three tennis balls. 
  • We've been told it took some dogs less than 20 mins (and a handful of treats) to learn to use it.
  • If your dog slobbers a lot, they recommend using rubber squash balls. 


Stop in. See it in action. 
Your game of fetch will never be the same again.

Candace Canty
Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics