TWO is better than ONE

In honor of National Sibling Day (Fri, 4/10/15) and National Pet Day (Sat, 4/11/15) - we're celebrating multi-pet households! If you read this blog you already know I have two of my own, Guinness & Clover, but I thought I'd share with you a what a couple of our clients say about their canine kids.

- Candace 


"She won't let him sleep in the same dog bed with her and he has learned to stay just outside of her bed and give her her space.  They act indifferent to each other sort of but at the same time have to be in the same room, and every morning each checks on the other and gives kisses then back to separate lives. It cracks me up. He is protective it seems and know when she is having a quiet day and just lays next to her. 

A tip... let them warm up to each other in their own time...don't force bonding, what you give one, give the other...treats, love etc...and even though it's exciting with a new rescue dog or puppy in your home...don't get caught forgetting your original routine that you've had with your original dog.  And always keep special one on one time with each dog, whether it be solo walks or cuddle time."

- Laura



"Cooper and Rylie love to snuggle with us at night but know they cannot both fit into our bed.  So they've learned to share; Rylie starts at the bottom of the bed at the beginning of the night and halfway through gets down and let's Cooper into bed. True sibling love.

A tip for two dog homes, make sure to have special time with each dog. While Cooper and Rylie are the best of friends they do love their one on one time.  Each takes a class so they can have something to call their own and have time to learn new things."

- Jenn & Nick 




We'd love to hear your special story! Please share with our community what makes your sibling pets unique and offer any tips for fellow pet parents! You can comment here or post to any of our social media outlets. You can also email your story and photo to