To Be a Better Human....Get a Dog!

Today's my birthday and I'm sitting in a hotel room, missing my dogs, wishing they were here this morning to give me a big birthday lick on the face! I think that would be a great birthday gift!! Naturally as we get older, we think about the years that have passed us by and we think about how much time we have left. I began reflecting on the fact that my dogs have played an important role in my life and how much they've positively impacted it.  Hands down, dogs have made me a better human being! Yes, my mother, father and other family members contributed greatly to my success as an upstanding citizen in society, so I guess they deserve some credit (just kidding deserve most of the credit) but isn't it true?? We can learn so much from our pets about how to be better people!!

  • They teach us to wake up happy.
  • They show us smiling makes others happy.
  • They teach us to express love every day and not with strings attached but unconditionally!
  • They teach us to greet everyone with enthusiasm.
  • They teach us to not hold grudges.
  • They teach us to explore everything and to be curious.
  • They teach us to protect those we love.

If you don't have a dog, I encourage you to consider adopting one that fits your lifestyle. There are massive health benefits as well when it comes to owning a dog like boosting your mood, relieving stress, contributing to a healthy heart and keeping you active and social. There are thousands, actually millions of dogs, living in shelters, looking for pet parents to make better human beings!

If you live in the Chicago area, I invite you to attend our annual event this Saturday, March 28th, 2015 called "Hop Around the Shops" where you'll get to meet about 30 adoptable pups. More details at 

Since you're at this website, then you likely already do have a dog and I would LOVE to hear your story about how your dog made you a better human being! Reading those stories would be a great birthday present ;). 

Candace Canty - Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics