Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month with Teeth Tips and Minty Good Deals

Did you know that February is Pet Dental Month and according to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of dogs show oral disease by age 3? Unfortunately, this easily-preventable ailment is the most common health problem treated in small animal health clinics today.

If your pet suffers from bad breath, it may not be simple doggy breath.  In fact, it may signal periodontal disease and severe plaque buildup, which will cause many problems down the road. However, preventing periodontal disease can result in longer and generally healthier lives for pets.

Too often, dental care is ignored by pet owners.  One survey notes that just 1 out of 10 owners makes sure their pet's teeth are cared for. Although dogs and cats rarely get cavities, the plaque and tartar that do form can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. This can then lead to tooth decay, bleeding gums and tooth loss. The bacteria causing these symptoms can travel through the bloodstream and eventually damage the major organs.


Proper pet dental care begins with a trip to the veterinarian for a dental exam, which should be done once a year. If you see plaque or tartar buildup, a cleaning may be necessary.

Afterwards, it is important to begin a home dental program.  Starting at an early age is best so your pet becomes used to the brushing action. Training your pet to become a dental care champion requires time and patience but can be accomplished! 

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