How to Measure Your Pup for Sweaters & Coats

As we slowly slip out of summer and into fall, you might want to get a head start and prepare for the crazy winter months. Which is better suited for your pup - a sweater or a coat? A perk of shopping local is that we at Dogaholics are here to help you find the best fit your dog! We have a large selection of canine outerwear and a variety of sizes to ensure you and your pup find the right fit!


Most dog clothing is sized in even numbers like 10", 12", 14", etc. Those numbers mean the length from your dog's collar to the base of his tail. Typically if you follow that rule, you will get a good fit. But just like people, canines are all different! So it's best to also get your dog's neck and chest size, too. We provide tape measurers to discover your dog's measurements and little cards to track the information so you can save the info for future outerwear needs. We're always here to assist, too!