Pet Parent Questions Answered - Cold Weather

I received a question on our Dogaholics YouTube Channel, after a viewer watched my Tips for Walking Your Dog This Winter. I'm sharing my response with you because it's important for all pet parents and future ones like this viewer to be prepared for brutally cold temps!

3moons posted:
"Do skinny, short haired dogs need coats for hour long winter walks (weather outside is below freezing.) I'm adopting a pitbull that is coming very thin or are all dogs just naturally good at handling cold?"

My Response:
Hello! Thank you for asking that question! I would definitely recommend some sort of outerwear or even layering up for any dog who has short hair in cold temperatures. I like to think of it under the same premise that if I need a heavy coat, gloves and a scarf, my dog is likely just also cold and would need some protection. Your dog may even shiver which is a good sign he is cold. Please also consider shorter, more frequent walks in subzero temperatures. Try 15 mins, multiple times a day, instead of an hour. Monitor his ear tips and tail tip, as well, to ensure they are not getting frostbite. The best way to measure your pet for clothing is along their spine from the collar to the base of their tail. Most pit bulls are barrel chested so you'll also want to find a stretchy fleece and a coat with adjustable velcro. Congratulations on becoming a pet parent! Being curious about things like this are important and we're happy you are committing to being a responsible pet owner!

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highly recommend getting a sweater or coat for your pet! It is extremely important to make sure you do everything you possibly can for them to be comfortable and safe during your walks.

If you're in Chicago and would like to purchase a sweater or coat (maybe even some shoes, too!), you can visit our Boutique where our pet experts can help measure and pick out the perfect fit for your pup.

Stay warm out there!

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