Introducing Your New Cat to Your Dog

At Dogaholics pet boutique Chicago, we understand your love of all things furry. In your mind, there’s no such thing as being a cat person or a dog lover… you’re just obsessed with pets!

If you’re a dog owner who’s thinking about adding a feline to the family, there are a few things you should know before doing so, like how to prepare your pup and how to introduce the two pets. Remember, cats and dogs are different animals and have different instincts, so just follow the steps below, and the two should become fast friends.  


Step 1. Make sure you can effectively communicate with your dog.

Before bringing home your new cat, it’s important to make sure your dog has all of his commands down pat. Nothing would be worse than bringing home your new four-legged family member and allowing the dog to run over and scare the cat because he doesn’t quite yet understand the meaning of “sit.”  


Step 2. Give them controlled exposure to each other’s presence.

Once your cat has become accustomed to your home, you can begin to allow limited exposure to your pup. Bring the two animals into the same room, but keep them on opposite sides, each paired with an owner who can hold the dogs leash and prevent the cat from moving toward the dog. This exercise allows the two to gain exposure to the other’s scent and become aware of the other animal’s presence in the home.


Step 3. Let your cat roam free.

Next, allow your cat to approach the dog, but keep your pooch on a leash. This way, your cat will grow to become comfortable and feel safe around the much larger dog. Remember to use positive reinforcement on your pooch during this process. When he plays nicely with the new cat, reward him with a treat or a quick snuggle to let him know that he’s playing the right way and to encourage calmer behavior around the cat.  


Step 4. Supervise their free interactions until they are both comfortable.

Now it’s time to let both animals interact with each other without restraint. They are more comfortable around the other pet now, but make sure to supervise their interactions until you’re sure both animals feel completely safe.


Dogaholics dog boutique Chicago loves cats just as much as we adore dogs, so we’re happy to help with training your pups to help ease the introduction process. Just stop by our Southport boutique! (And don’t forget to bring your furry friends).