How To Throw Your Dog a Tail-Wagging Birthday Party!

Cake, toys, and a bunch of hyper friends… no, it’s not just another kid’s party. It’s your pup’s big day to celebrate! He’s your best friend on four legs, so why not throw him the blowout bash he deserves?

Here at Dogaholics, we know that pups of all ages love to have fun with all of their furry friends. So whether you know exactly what day your puppy was born, or you adopted your pooch and made up a birthday (why not?), he deserves a day of fun and delicious treats from Dogaholics doggy bakery.  



If your pup has a ton of energy (and a lot of puppy friends), go for a fenced-in backyard, a puppy park, or even a dog beach. He’ll have a ton of space to run around and play with all of the party guests. On the flip side, if your dog is a bit older and prefers a day of lounging, rent out a doggy daycare for the day! This option is also great if your pup has a winter birthday.


Guest List

Your dog probably has a lot of puppy friends, whether he makes them at the park, daycare, or on your daily walk around the block. When making the guest list, though, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Take the size of the party venue into consideration before sending out invitations. The last thing you want is a room full of dogs and nowhere for them to tumble around and play.
  2. Make sure all party guests have been neutered or spayed, fully vaccinated, and are social with other dogs.
  3. If a dog on the guest list is known to show aggression toward a certain breed, save his invite for a special one-on-one play date with your pup to ensure a safe and fun party for all the dogs.  



As for the menu, keep it simple with a goodie bag full of natural dog cookies and treats for the guests, and get the birthday pup an organic birthday cake—complete with icing, ice cream, and party hats on the side. Just stop by Dogaholics… we’ve got it covered. And iced!


- Candace