I'm handing over the leash...

Guinness & Clover, Candace's dogs

Guinness & Clover, Candace's dogs

After 10 years of providing pet parents with the best products for their furry family members, this week, Dogaholics takes its final walk as a retailer.

The time has come for me to officially hand over the retail leash... actually lots of leashes...and lots and lots of dog food...to Bentley's Pet Stuff (formerly Bentley's Corner Barkery). Dogaholics will continue to service Chicago through doggy daycare, boarding, grooming and training.

As I sit and write this announcement, it's truly impossible to express the amount of gratitude I hold and the emotions that fill me. I'm overwhelmed as I think back about all the wonderful people who've walked through our doors (those with and without dogs), the stories we've shared, the laughter and the tears over our pets, the puppy kisses I demanded, those who believed in me, the manufacturers who stood by our side, the neighborhood businesses who've cheered us on, the brilliant team who put up with my crazy ideas and of course did fantastic work, and cheers to the memories we've all made with each other, our pets and our community.


The road of entrepreneurship is not easy and there were many times when I didn't think we would make it...like dealing with construction outside our doors (multiple times), the worst recession in our country's history, a devastating canine flu, some of Chicago's coldest winters and the emergence of online retailers like amazon, etsy and subscription boxes... but fortunately, YOU BELIEVED IN US! You stuck by our side, shopped local and cared enough about your pet and your community, and because of that, pets will continue to thrive in Lakeview for years to come!!

Next week, Bentley's will inherit the Dogaholics Boutique team and inventory. 

Hopefully, they'll inherit your trust, too! 

I am proud to hand them the leash. It's an opportunity I couldn't refuse, greater career opportunities for my team and the ability to bring you a wider selection of products and events! Bentley's is so excited to join the Southport Corridor! Don't worry, they plan to keep the same natural product mix, the satisfaction guarantee, frequent buyer programs and even honor any existing coupons and credits you might still have.


While the retail side of this business is changing hands, as Dogaholics we'll continue to serve your needs for doggy daycareboarding, training and grooming. In fact, if you are enrolled in a monthly daycare package, Bentley's is still honoring your 10% discount!!! Aren't they great!?!

I'm also coming up with more ways to help you be the best pet parent ever! The first step is... our new "12 Steps to Being the Ultimate Pet Parent" online program and other educational and community building activities to come. 

And you can still get your cuteness fix through our Snapchat (@dogaholics) account and get the latest pet news from our Facebook and Instagram feeds. 

If you haven't brought your dog to daycare with us before, we have the largest outdoor play space in Chicago! A FREE WEEK of daycare coupon (value up to $165) is waiting for you at the boutique for a limited time. 

Thank you for
10 great years!

- Candace, Owner & Founder of Dogaholics

P.S. This is Tyson, my first love, and our first photo shoot at the Armitage Avenue location in 2006. 

Meet the New Soon-To-Be Owners

As mentioned above, Bentley's is so excited to join the Southport Corridor! They plan to keep the same natural product mix, the satisfaction guarantee, frequent buyer programs and even honor existing coupons and credits you have.  

Our values perfectly align, so I'm confident you'll really love Bentley's Pet Stuff!

Bentley's owners, Lisa and Giovanni Senafe, opened their first shop in 2008 in Arlington Heights, IL, inspired by their four-legged friend-the company's namesake-to provide dog and cat foods made with "real ingredients" to their neighborhood's pets.

Now with 15 locations and more in the works, they are quickly becoming THE place to shop for your pup! 


Now through Tuesday, April 12th at 8:00pm

- Get 20% off your entire purchase!

- Free gifts and samples

- Suggestion box to share your thoughts for the future

- Share your favorite story or why you love Dogaholics in our video journal


I've never done this before!!! I must have gone crazy!!! This 20% discount is good on all in-stock merchandise, including all dog and cat food. Not valid with other discounts. Available only Fri, 4/8/16 - Tue, 4/12/16. Excludes all previous purchases.



Sunday, April 10th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Snacks, Drinks and Free Samples

Chat with Candace and share memories

Dogs welcome!


Questions and comments can be emailed to 


Dogaholics Training Tips


We've compiled some of our "go-to" tips we've learned from our experiences with our own dogs and our many years meeting all types of dogs at Dogaholics! 

For the Dog with "Places to Go"

"When teaching your dog to walk by your side on a leash (called HEELING) I like to take "high value" treats with me. High value treats are something that your dog likes way more than any other distraction on that walk that might seem more exciting, like a squirrel or people. This will get your dog's focus on you instead of focusing on pulling you." - Candace, Founder of Dogaholics

For the Dog with Too Much PDA

"Many dogs get very excited when greeted by another person and tend to jump, get rowdy and give you slobbery kisses. It may be very hard but ignoring your dog until they settle down and then greeting them will help correct the jumping. If you start high pitched baby talk and get all amped up, your dog will too. Their extreme excitement to see you produces a lot of physical energy. Jumping brings your dog closer to your face so they can give you kisses. It may be a learned behaviour in our dogs. Licking their mother's face is a plea for food and also a sign of submission to her." - Jenny, Dogaholics

"For a dog that jumps when you walk in, divert the energy away from the previous success they experienced. The first few times totally ignore your dog until you have taken off all your outerwear and shoes. Give them time to settle down. The next few times divert that focus into commanding a sit or lie down until you are ready.  This will translate into them automatically sitting waiting for you to be done and give them some loving.  Having a visual reminder like a rug or mat for them to sits helps reinforce the concept." - Ola, Dogaholics Team Member

For the Dog Who Tests Boundaries

"The Pet Corrector is a great way to communicate "No" to your dog. Treats reinforce good behaviours but it is hard to communicate when your dog is doing an unwanted behaviors like barking or jumping. This product lets out a hiss of air that grabs your dog's focus. When it is used along with treats you can more successfully communicate with your dog and get better results." - Jenny, Dogaholics

"Ask yourself, what could be causing my dog to act this way? It is not always an easy question to answer and you might need to reach out to a behaviourist. If you can narrow down the cause then it will bring you closer to finding the solution. I find that many unwanted behaviours come from anxiety, stress and fear." -Jenny, Dogaholics

"When a dog is will not respond to consistent reprimands, I resort to what I like to call the "Mama Says No" technique. As soon as you see your dog misbehaving or barking or whatever behavior you're trying to curb, firmly, but gently, squeeze the back of the neck once or twice like a pulse accompanied with a harsh and loud "Tsh Tsh" sound. The physical contact mimics the natural behavior of mother dogs telling young pups what not to do while the loud sounds distracts them from the behavior and directs their attention to you. It is humane and noninvasive, and I find it to be quite effective when you wish to effectively communicate "No" to your pup." - Chelsea, McCune

Tried and True Notes For The Pet Parent

"Consistency is the most important tool for success in training your dog! You have to communicate the same message to your dog over and over. Your partner, room mate, friend, etc.. have to carry on the training as well. Dogs will take advantage of situations when they can. When the behaviour is only expected some of the time, it is confusing and your dog will not understand what you expect of them." -Jenny, Dogaholics

"It's always good to end training sessions on a positive note with a simple "Good boy!" - Christa, Dogaholics Team Member

"When training a dog, PATIENCE will be your biggest asset. Set your dog up to succeed by staying consistent in your methods and remembering that good behavior doesn't happen overnight!" - Ben, Dogaholics Team Member

"Dogs are are keen at spotting opportunity and making it a habit, when working on a new trainingseries, make sure everyone in the house and any dog walkers or care takers understand what you are trying to achieve". - Ola, Dogaholics Team Member 

The #1 way to train your dog...

Our dogs are not 'programmable devices' and it’s normal for their behavior to fluctuate, especially in response to our cues. The biggest issue we see (and even struggle with ourselves) is that we aren't consistent enough. When we are inconsistent our dogs will walk all over us.

The #1 way to train your dog...
is for you to be CONSISTENT!

Here's our tips to becoming more consistent in your dog training.


Say cues one time.

If you repeat cues and say it one time one day, and three times the next, you are not consistent. If your dog repeatedly doesn’t do the cue on the first time, use hand signals or move your dog to a less distracting environment and continue working.


Don't confuse your dog with too many patterns.

Establish an understanding of how you cue and teach your dog through consistent cues. Do not double up or overlap on movements and commands. If you say “sit” and bend over your dog while saying that, what happens when you say it while sitting in a chair? Your dog doesn’t just pay attention to the specific word that you want him too. He sees it all and tries to learn the patterns. If the pattern changes, he will be confused. Same thing when it comes to combinations of words. Do not expect to have "Stay" and "Stay there Fido" be interpretted the same way.


Realize that dogs do not generalize.

If you teach “sit” in the kitchen and then move to the living room, your dog will probably not perform as well. This is a new location with new distractions. Go back to the basics and re-teach the behavior. Once you have trained your dog in numerous locations, the next success in a new location will occur faster.


Don’t get frustrated.

Frustration will cause you to get emotional and loose focus.


Have someone watch you train.

Don’t tell them what you are working on and see if they can identify what you are asking for and if you vary at all in your consistency. 


Dogaholics 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The countdown is on! With a little over two weeks until Christmas, our days at Dogaholics are filled with Christmas music on repeat at the shop and watching all the daycare pups a little longer while pet parents are checking off their list. 

Don't forget about your fur kids OR your friend's fur kids wish list. Our pups are usually easy to please, but if you have a picky dog, we have TONS of things we know they will love!

But what about the dogaholic? The person you could give a gift to that has a dog? Who would get the biggest kick out of the thought of you giving their dog something? It would catch them by surprise and might just be the best gift for the person who has everything.

For ALL Dog Owners

Canine Cookies

These deliciously frosted pastries for Fido make great gifts for any dog owner and are the perfect gift to really wow (and sometimes even fool because they look so tasty) just about anyone: coworkers, neighbors, extended family and party hosts.

3 packs $7.99, 6 packs $14.99
available in store and online




iFetch Too
NEW - $199.99

Good news! The iFetch, Too is now available and is perfect for larger dogs! Get ready to really surprise your dog or another pet parent, with this over-the-top gift! The iFetch Too launches balls to either 10', 25' or 40', so that you don't have to lift a finger! Train your dog to play fetch with himself. 


For the

Paperback $20, Kindle $9.99

From the Founder of Dogaholics, "Don't Give Up on Family, Even if They're Furry - Why your dog's bad behavior is your fault."  

Pets have power! Life is chaos. Candace shares how her dog's bad behavior was a direct reflection of how chaotic her entire life was. This book shares stories of moving from a dogaholic to a great pet parent AND how committing to your dog's behavior will have a ripple effect through all areas of your life. Your life will change for the better just by working with your dog on training!


For the pet parent who

Ruff Root 

Ruff Roots will keep any dog busy for hours because they are extremely long lasting. While your dog is busy with this, you'll be able to get work done! Ruff Roots are also great teething toys for growing puppies. Unlike sticks or furniture wood, Ruff Roots do not splinter. $14.99 - $39.99




Chicago themed merchandise

Our selection of Chicago sports teams and Chicago flag items are perfect for Chi-town pups! When you love Chicago, you can never have enough Chicago themed merchandise. We have collars, jerseys, bandanas, photo frames and more to show where you loyalty lies.




Holiday Plush Toys 

Some people may be dogaholics, but when it comes to Christmas, they feel there can never be enough holiday cheer!

From plush puzzle toys to durable santas, squeaky chickens in festive swimwear to gingerbread squeaky toys you are sure to find something perfect for your dog or a gift for your friends pooch. 

Prices range from $9.99 - $24.99. 
only available in store


Doggy Daycare

After a long day at work, we know it can be hard to give your dog the exercise they require. Do you feel guilty that they are at home lying on the couch, staring at the walls? There are so many benefits to your dog being tired and mentally stimulated while you're away. Bring your dog to us so he can play with his friends, run, wrestle and burn all the energy he needs to in a healthy, engaging and cage-free environment. Plus, we have one of the largest outdoor play spaces in Chicago! 



For the person


By reducing shedding up to 90%, the FURminator deShedding Tool enables you to share your home with your dog, without surrendering it to his hair. The stainless steel edge reaches beneath your dog's topcoat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair, The FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. $59.99 -$89.99


For the pet parent with a

Pet Corrector

The Pet Corrector Stops: Barking, Chasing, Stealing, Jumping Up and Place Avoidance with a sound that catches the dog's attention. It works by emitting a hiss of compressed gas to interrupt a dog's unwanted behavior. The pet corrector is the best solution to stop unwanted behaviors, FAST! $12.99 - $22.99



For the pet parent who

Dog Treat Mix

Let them merge the love of their dog with their passion for baking! This is a great pet parenting bonding activity, too!

This Dog Treat Mix is made with all natural ingredients and can be paired with fresh add-ins from your local market for a special indulgence. The possibilities are endless!

$9.99 - in store only

6 Reasons to Shop Small in Chicago This Saturday



You've heard of Small Business Saturday, but did you know why its such a great community event? While you might be recovering from the frenzy of Black Friday at big box stores, here are our top 6 reasons to shop small businesses this weekend (and all year).

#6. We Make an Impact on our Economy

Small businesses make up half of today's workforce and did you know small businesses create twice as many jobs as big businesses according to the Small Business Administration (SBA)? Who knew?!

#5. We Offer More Diverse Options

There's no argument that big box stores have piles of contracts with other big brands to promote their products. In small businesses, we offer everything we like and what our customers like, not what is promoted via big surplus names.

#4. We Create a Sense of Community

Think about the business owner's you've befriended. They probably own small businesses right in our own community. Cultivating relationships with those in your neighborhood makes your community feel that much better! We're neighbors and we want you to feel treated like one!

#3. We Connect with You

We work directly with our customers, day in and day out. We offer hands-on, personable customer service and advice you can't find in a big store. Our customer relationships are a very important part of our livelihood.

#2. We Give Back

We often promote and collaborate with local organizations and businesses. We host events to benefit shelters like Chicago Canine Rescue. Plus, our sales taxes go to support Chicago public schools, parks, sidewalks, and roads in addition to funding public service workers.

#1. It Feels Good To Shop Small

Let's face it, have you ever felt guilty supporting a small business? It doesn't matter if you really needed those extra dog treats, your dog loved it, and so do we! Come on in this Saturday and let us show you how much we appreciate YOU!


- The team at Dogaholics

Dog Hygiene Made Easy

Brushing Your Dog

Regular grooming with a brush or comb will help keep your pet's hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout her coat, preventing tangles and keeping her skin clean and irritant-free. Some breeds should be brushed every day. Some once a week. Brushing their hair stimulates their blood flow and will help with a healthier coat.

Bathing Your Dog

The ASPCA recommends bathing your dog at least once every three months, but some may require more frequent baths if he or she spends a lot of time outdoors or has skin problems. If you wash your dog more frequently, that's okay, just make sure you are using mild dog soap. 

Here are some steps to help you get started.

  1. There's no right or wrong place to bathe them. Any tub, sink, shower, kiddle pool or hose will do.
  2. If you have a nervous dog, you can leave the collar on to help guide them or ask someone to help. 
  3. Place cotton balls in the ears to prevent water (don't forget to remove them when you're done)
  4. For comfort, place a towel or yoga mat in the tub.
  5. Set the water temperature and wet them everywhere by using a bucket or jug to pour.
  6. Squirt a bit of dog formulated shampoo straight down down their back and scrub in gently.
  7. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and wipe their face with a washcloth. Voila

Worried about the mess? Send them to a professional dog groomer (like us) so they can shake that water all over OUR place!

If your dog needs a haircut, DO NOT try it with your own scissors or razors - we've fixed countless home cut hairdos over the years, trust us, you'll want to leave that part to the professionals!

Dental Care

Regularly brushing your dog's teeth, along with a healthy diet and plenty of chew toys, can go a long way toward keeping her mouth healthy. Bacteria and plaque-forming foods can cause build-up on a dog's teeth. This can harden into tartar, potentially causing gingivitis, receding gums and tooth loss. Many pooches show signs of gum disease by the time they're four years old because they aren't provided with proper mouth care. Grab a soft bristle tooth brush, dog tooth paste (NOT ONE MEANT FOR PEOPLE) and ease into this at a pace that your dog is comfortable.

Eye Care

Giving your pup regular home eye exams will help keep you alert to any tearing, cloudiness or inflammation that may indicate a health problem. First, face your dog in a brightly lit area and look into his eyes. They should be clear and bright, and the area around the eyeball should be white. The pupils should be equal in size and there shouldn’t be tearing, discharge or any crust in the corners of his eyes. With your thumb, gently roll down your dog’s lower eyelid and look at the lining. It should be pink, not red or white.

Ear Care

Your dog’s regular grooming routine should include regular ear checks. This is especially important for dogs who produce excessive earwax or have a lot of inner-ear hair. Clean your dog's ears once a week. Get a gentle dog ear cleaner and a handful of cotton balls. Soak them, and put one into the outer parts of their ear, swirl it around and remove. Repeat until the cotton balls are coming out clean. Do not push the cotton ball down into their ear canal.  

Nail Care

As a rule of thumb, a dog’s nails should be trimmed when they just about touch the ground when he or she walks. If your pet’s nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, it’s time for a trim. For leisurely living dogs, this might mean weekly pedicures, while urban pooches who stalk rough city sidewalks can go longer between clippings. Purchase doggy nail clippers, some styptic powder to stop any bleeding and chip away at small clippings. Ease into if it's the first time or your dog seems uncomfortable. Professional groomers can handle this job easily for you, too!

NEED HELP? CALL US! 773-549-9000

Does Your Dog Need a Coat?

Ever wonder if your pup is too cold or too hot during a certain time of the year? 

Some dogs have long fur, short fur, curly fur, or coarse fur. But did you know that dogs either have a single coat or a double coat? Don't know what the difference is? We're here to help!

Let's Talk about the "real" coats first.

Double Coats

Double coated dogs have two distinctive layers of hair - a longer, outer layer of guard hairs and a shorter, softer layer close to the skin. They shed out dead hairs, but a regular brushing will help remove them. The outer guard hairs are weather proof and protect against moisture - catching precipitation from the seasons and holding it away from the body. These guard hairs also work to keep cold and heat away from the body. A well-maintained inner coat provides a layer that aids air to regulate temperature. This works in both cold and warm weather.

WARMER MONTHS: Thick coats also work as a natural sunblock, protecting your pup from sunburn which can result in skin cancer. 

TIPS: Double coats require regular bathing and brushing (because matting will occur in some) and a bunch of dead hairs will be left on the coat or around your house. Plus, brushing releases oils from the skin and stimulates blood circulation to keep their fur properly weatherproofed and healthy. 

Some Double Coated Dog Breeds:

  • Husky
  • Chow Chow
  • Shiba Inu
  • Samoyed
  • Pomeranian
  • Collie
  • German Shepard
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Saint Bernard

Single Coat

When a dog has a single coat, it just lacks an undercoat. The terms "fur" and "hair" are often used interchangeably when describing a dog's coat. However, a double coat, like of a Newfoundland, is referred to as a fur coat, while a single coat, like of a Poodle, is referred to as a hair coat. That means they also don't "blow" an undercoat out in the spring and fall, so they have less heavy-duty shedding. Single coat dogs typically need regularly scheduled professional grooms to maintain their hair length. 

Some Single Coated Dog Breeds:

  • Australian Silky Terrier
  • Bedlington Terrier
  • Bichon Frisé
  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • Skye Terrier
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Yorkshire Terrier

So...does your dog need a coat or a sweater?

Sure, some dogs have a heavier coat than others, but some dogs are also breed for and meant to be in warmer (or cooler) climates, but they are translated in many places because of their human friends. If you live in a cold climate, your SINGLE COATED pal will need a coat. It can also be helpful if your dog doesn't want to go out into the cold or snow to relieve himself.

Smaller, light bodied breeds, toy breeds, and breeds that naturally have very short or thin hair coats benefit from a warm dog sweater for when they need to go outside, or for just hanging around the house.

Lighter jackets are great even for DOUBLE COATED dogs to prevent the snow and rain from covering them completely and getting them wet. While your double coated dog may not need a coat, they will need shoes, especially in an urban environment where there is lots of chemical salt that will not only irritate their paws but is toxic to ingest.

- Candace Canty

Still not sure?

Post a picture of your pup on our Facebook Page and we'll share our thoughts!

How to Measure Your Pup for Sweaters & Coats

As we slowly slip out of summer and into fall, you might want to get a head start and prepare for the crazy winter months. Which is better suited for your pup - a sweater or a coat? A perk of shopping local is that we at Dogaholics are here to help you find the best fit your dog! We have a large selection of canine outerwear and a variety of sizes to ensure you and your pup find the right fit!


Most dog clothing is sized in even numbers like 10", 12", 14", etc. Those numbers mean the length from your dog's collar to the base of his tail. Typically if you follow that rule, you will get a good fit. But just like people, canines are all different! So it's best to also get your dog's neck and chest size, too. We provide tape measurers to discover your dog's measurements and little cards to track the information so you can save the info for future outerwear needs. We're always here to assist, too!

Why we love Sophisticated Pup

Locally made, Chicago themed, collars, leashes and t-shirts by Sophisticated Pup are some of our absolute favorite items in our shop! The cool canine kid gear is blowing out of the store and making its way on to every dog in the city!! We are so fortunate the designer, Michelle O'Hollaren, also lives in Chicago. And a fun fact is that Dogaholics was actually one of her very first retailers back in 2006!! 

Michelle's product line has evolved a lot since then. It all began as couture like, hand-sewn, dog coats and dresses and now Sophisticated Pup focuses more on collars and accessories...and we don't mind the evolution because our customers LOVE SOPHISTICATED PUPS NEW ITEMS!


Inspired by her little pug, Penny, Michelle has been producing original designs in Chicago since around 2006. Sophisticated Pup was the first handmade pet product company of its kind in the city of Chicago. Moving from a handful of boutiques to now fulfilling orders large enough to support TJMaxx and her 100+ boutique retailers, it's hard to believe that all the times are STILL hand-sewn! 


SP is focusing on collars and accessories but they've just launched a new home decor line featuring original pet, and Chicago-themed prints, many with hand-applied gold foil accents.


Penny is an American Lo-Sze Pug.  Penny came into Michelle’s world August 3, 2005. All products get Penny's pawprint of approval. Penny is a survivor of canine liver disease and when she was diagnosed, Michelle was told Penny had 4-6 weeks to live! Not accepting that prognosis, she sought out more expertise and turned Penny's life around through medicine, specialty vets and foods that are more holistic and promote liver health. 

Michelle's tip to other pet parents who are facing health challenges with their pets, is to not give up! Seek out specialists. Your average vet doesn't have the training or expertise in some of the specialized issues that pets face. As a pet parent, it's your responsibility to do your research, get educated on what you can do and go to the specialist who can help you heal your pet.  


Penny loves Big Star's outdoor patio! Actually, she loves all outdoor, dog friendly patios and works the Sophisticated Pup's booth at street festivals and trade shows. She recently even made it up to Lake Geneva for a wonderful weekend getaway with her parents. 


Check out their full line at www.sophisticatedpup.com

Chicago themed products available on our website for purchase here

"Summer time and the livin's... a little stressful?" Wait. That's not right.

Summer is here so there's lots of reasons to celebrate outside! 

The next couple of months will be filled with BBQs, friends and fireworks.

While we may love these three things, they aren't as pleasant for our pooches.

Tips to keeping your pup safe & stress-free this summer... 

1) Exercise your dog BEFORE FESTIVITIES

If you already know your dog hates fireworks, give him plenty of exercise earlier in the day. The less energy he has come show time, the better.


From large crowds at firework displays or festivals to smaller gatherings of even 15 people, the chaos can be too much. Really think about your dog's personality and behaviors before subjecting them to loud noises and strangers.  It may seem fun to take your dog along, but they may feel a lot more comfortable at home... especially when the fireworks start.


Keep the windows closed. Turn on a box fan to muffle sound. Limit outdoor walks during chaos...and it never hurts to have lots of bones ;)



This lovable pup will always be there to reassure and comfort your pet. Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a simulated heartbeat. The batteries last up to 2 weeks with continuous use, all natural, medication free, and your pup is calmed by appealing to basic natural instincts. Click here to purchase and put an end to anxiety.

Happy Traveler - Calming Treats

Formulated with the highest quality botanicals, Happy Traveler was designed by a holistic veterinarian and PhD herbal scientist to ease anxiety and motion sickness.  Useful for separation anxiety, travel anxiety, to socialize a nervous or excitable pet into a new environment, during thunderstorms, fireworks, airline travel, visits to groomers, vets, and kennels. Click here to purchase and see the positive effects that many of our clients experience.


Thunder Shirt

ThunderShirt's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs. Great for storms, separation, travel and many other anxieties. 100% satisfaction gaurantee. Click here to purchase now!




Relaxin' Rover Fidobiotics

Canine anxiety causes stress on the whole family, but Relaxin' Rover can rescue even the most skittish of scooters. Relaxin' Rover is formulated with a proprietary blend of natural calming ingredients and probiotics that help promote digestion, immune function and a healthy metabolism. Click here to order.


Pet Naturals - Calming

When dogs cannot adapt to stress, it can lead to anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity, excess barking, abnormal urine marking, trembling or shivering, and destructive or aggressive behavior. Calming is an advanced formula that contains a combination of ingredients not found in other calming formulas, all of which support neurotransmitter balance and relaxation to address stress-related behavior. Click here to order.

We're giving away money!

There must be a local or national charity you love to support. A community group you're involved in. Someone you know who could use a little extra assistance. 

I do. That's why I created a variety of "give back" programs through Dogaholics. We believe in doing more than just handing you a gift certificate or gift basket for a silent auction. 

We believe it takes a partnership. So we have six programs you can utilize to raise money for whatever or whoever you care about! 

Personally, I give lots of my time and money to Chicago Canine Rescue (they brought Guinness + Clover into my life) and more recently, I helped train a group of women entrepreneurs of the Women's Curio Market in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa. A small group of us worked with them on marketing, management, and budgeting skills to bring more money into their homes to feed their families. It was one of the most memorable and rewarding moments of my life! 

My point is...that your charity doesn't have to be dog centered...it can be anything your passionate about and Dogaholics is happy to get involved and promote your cause! 

Almost 1/2 of US households have at least one dog and I know they care deeply about many other issues! Let's work together to raise awareness and funds for the things that truly matter to all of us - whether they have four legs, two legs, fins or feathers! 

Dogaholics looks forward to partnering with you!

Woofs + Wags,

Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics

The Benefits of Stella & Chewy's Raw Dog Food

Dogs are natural meat-eaters and they deserve to flourish on real minimally-processed food. The closer foods stay to their natural state, the better it is for your furry friend! All of Stella & Chewy’s dinners are specifically formulated for your pup’s nutritional needs and are made with premium ingredients you can count on!

All Stella & Chewy’s products are made at a FDA-inspected plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They work closely with a network of suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients go into each one of their products.

Their dinners have premium meats such as grass-fed beef from North America, Australia, and New Zealand, cage-free chicken, and wild-caught salmon also from North America. The fruits and vegetables in each meal are certified organic. Probiotics and antioxidants are then added to the recipe to enhance each dinner experience.

Stells & Chewys is sure to

  • Improve appetite and digestion
  • Relieve from certain allergies
  • Make a vibrant skin and coat
  • Help with the health of teeth and gums
  • A healthy immune system

Meet the creator, Marie Moody

See How It's Made

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Soothe Your Pet's Itch

That never-ending scratching, biting, licking and chewing can be hard to watch knowing your pet is suffering. Figuring out what’s causing your dog’s itchiness can sometimes be a hard task. Generally, itchiness can be narrowed down to the following categories and with the help of your veterinarian and nutrition experts you’ll likely find a remedy!

Possible Reasons for Itching


Fleas, ticks, and mange are a few examples of parasites that can be found in your dog’s coat. Sometimes the pet can be allergic to the bite, causing hair loss, discomfort, and infection. You can usually tell if your pet has fleas because they are large enough to be seen by the human eye and leave “flea dirt” behind in the fur. If parasites are the culprit, medications can be administered to kill off most pests.


Yeast and fungal infections can cause your pet’s ears or skin to emit a foul odor, in addition to hair loss, redness, scratching and licking. Antibiotics and corticosteroids can heal these infections, but your veterinarian should confirm infections before beginning a medical regimen.


Just like us, pets can also suffer from dry skin, especially in lower-humidity climates. Dry skin can easily be treated; usually by upgrading your pet’s diet and/or adding dietary supplements. Omega fatty acids such as fish oil, coconut oil or probiotics like yogurt are easy ways to supplement your pet’s diet and provide the missing components that your pet’s body needs to heal. Short-term relief can be found by bathing your pet in tea tree oil shampoo.


Animals can be allergic to environmental triggers like dust, pollen and grass, as well as, certain proteins, grains or ingredients in their food or treats. Narrowing down what the allergen is can be tricky and an often-lengthy process requiring strict diet control. Veterinarians usually prescribe foods with only one meat protein source and something that hasn’t been fed before like rare proteins such as venison, rabbit or pheasant.


If you are noticing dandruff, paw licking, ear scratching or warm/red skin then there is likely an allergy present and your pet needs your help to become more comfortable. Simply feeding a balanced, high-quality, species-appropriate diet can solve many allergies. Come into Dogaholics Boutique and speak with myself or any of my team of pet nutrition experts to discover which food is best for your dog and learn more about supplemental detoxing. We look forward to speaking with you, soon!

- Candace Canty, Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics


Got Gas or Doggy Diarrhea Problems?

Join the club! My dog Guinness had the world's worst farts!! I mean - room clearing!! He hangs out in the Dogaholics office and many times, I'd have to stop mid-sentence during meetings to spray air freshener. Well, no more after using Good Guts!

Good Guts is designed to quell the chaos that contributes to Fido’s farts. This once-a-day probiotic supplement helps support immune function and Fido’s natural elimination process.

Good Guts contains three billion CFUs of good live bacteria per capsule that includes:

  • Probiotic blend (Bacillus subtillis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium)
  • L. acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • L. plantarum
  • L. bulgaricus
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii
  • Digestive enzyme blend

And just in case you were concerned that Fido would turn up his nose at a healthy supplement, Good Guts comes in a delicious Cheeseburger Deluxe proprietary-flavored-coated capsule – with bacon! – so it’s palette pleasing for even the pickiest pups. Good Guts should be fed daily to for healthy digestion, which promotes immune defense.

One box has 30 flavored capsules.

Available at Dogaholics Boutique, 3657 N. Southport Ave, Chicago.

Give it a try! You won't regret it!

- Candace, Guinness's Mommy

#imadogaholic Photo Contest!

Tell the world why you’re a dogaholic! Share a photo with us expressing your love. The picture can include a sign or just you and your dog with a caption explaining why your fur baby means the world to you. Along with the photo, use the hashtag ‪#‎imadogaholic‬. One lucky dogaholic will win one of our branded toys for their pup! We can't wait to see all of your photos!

Facebook Rules

To enter, post a photo on our page, facebook.com/dogaholics, of why you’re a dogaholic and use the #imadogaholic.

Instagram Rules

To enter, post a picture of why you’re a dogaholic with #imadogaholic and tag @dog_a_holics.

Twitter Rules

CONTEST-Tweet @dogaholics a pic of why you’re a dogaholic & use #imadogaholic to win a prize!

How to Win

Winners are chosen twice a month (1st and the 15th). All entries must use the hashtag, #imadogaholic to be eligible. All photo submissions between contest time frames, that are posted to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts will be pooled together. One winner, between all three sites, will be randomly chosen. Only one photo submission per person per contest time frame.

Disclaimer: All photos added by fans on the Dogaholics Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages are eligible for nomination. All entries received during the contest period can be used by Dogaholics. Any entries that are protected by copyright or trademark, without the permission of the author or the owner, will not be considered valid entries for the contest and will be disqualified.

iFetch - The game will never be the same.

If you have a 'fetchaholic' for a pet - they will think this is the most amazing thing on the planet!

The iFetch just arrived to Dogaholics and we have only a handful available. They've been in high demand in the pet industry for a long time as the manufacturer was working on development and funding. We are so excited to finally have them available for you!! 

It's easy to use. To power it up, just plug it in or use batteries. Drop the ball inside and it launches out. Your dog can even learn to drop the ball back into the iFetch to create a constant game of fetch!! They'll go bananas and be worn out!


  • There are three distance settings (10', 20' and 30') and it comes with three tennis balls. 
  • We've been told it took some dogs less than 20 mins (and a handful of treats) to learn to use it.
  • If your dog slobbers a lot, they recommend using rubber squash balls. 


Stop in. See it in action. 
Your game of fetch will never be the same again.

Candace Canty
Pet Parent Expert & Founder of Dogaholics

Announcing a New Food Line - Zignature!

If you know Dogaholics, you know the pride we take in our dog food. You know how serious we are about our standards - they’re not just high, they’re sky high!  Choosing to carry a dog food at our boutique consists of a thorough analysis of not just the ingredients in a dog food but the company that makes it as well.  Each brand must maintain our strict principals, one of which is no wheat, no corn, no soy.  We carefully review every detail, every element, and only then will we consider to carry a brand of dog food.  We do the work so you don’t have to.

I am proud that Zignature passed the our 'test' and happy to announce it's the newest addition to the lines of food we sell.  It’s a limited ingredient food, contains no grains, no potatoes, no dairy and no chicken products.  Zignature boasts the lowest glycemic index on the market with whole proteins and natural ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals.  It’s free from binding agents that are high in simple carbohydrates and starches that cause sharp spikes in blood glucose levels.  Instead, they use low glycemic ingredients such as whole chickpeas and green peas to bind their food.   Zignature is the answer to your pup’s sensitive tummy, his allergies, constant itching and even…his gas.  Now you really can’t blame it on the dog!

Zignature's food starts with real meat first because dogs are carnivores and require animal protein.  The first ingredient in any pet foot is important because there is more of that ingredient than any other.  

The folks at Zignature create and develop their own recipes with their own nutritionist.  They make their products in small batches and all products are manufactured in the United States.   They are a small company with a strong commitment to small companies like us and strive to create the best dog food for their customers without being hindered by corporate America.  

Zignature gets their fresh ingredients from the best sources around the globe. Trout, salmon and turkey from the United States, lamb from New Zealand, duck from France, kangaroo from Australia and whitefish from North America.  The fruits and veggies come from North America too, with the vitamins and minerals from North America and France. 

It's companies like Zignature that set us apart from big box stores.  We believe in quality - not just packing our shelves.  We stand proud with the brands we carry because they stand side by side with us.  Our standards are the same and we care about the same thing…your furry family member.

Stop by this weekend and see first- hand what Zignature is all about.  See you soon! 


TWO is better than ONE

In honor of National Sibling Day (Fri, 4/10/15) and National Pet Day (Sat, 4/11/15) - we're celebrating multi-pet households! If you read this blog you already know I have two of my own, Guinness & Clover, but I thought I'd share with you a what a couple of our clients say about their canine kids.

- Candace 


"She won't let him sleep in the same dog bed with her and he has learned to stay just outside of her bed and give her her space.  They act indifferent to each other sort of but at the same time have to be in the same room, and every morning each checks on the other and gives kisses then back to separate lives. It cracks me up. He is protective it seems and know when she is having a quiet day and just lays next to her. 

A tip... let them warm up to each other in their own time...don't force bonding, what you give one, give the other...treats, love etc...and even though it's exciting with a new rescue dog or puppy in your home...don't get caught forgetting your original routine that you've had with your original dog.  And always keep special one on one time with each dog, whether it be solo walks or cuddle time."

- Laura



"Cooper and Rylie love to snuggle with us at night but know they cannot both fit into our bed.  So they've learned to share; Rylie starts at the bottom of the bed at the beginning of the night and halfway through gets down and let's Cooper into bed. True sibling love.

A tip for two dog homes, make sure to have special time with each dog. While Cooper and Rylie are the best of friends they do love their one on one time.  Each takes a class so they can have something to call their own and have time to learn new things."

- Jenn & Nick 




We'd love to hear your special story! Please share with our community what makes your sibling pets unique and offer any tips for fellow pet parents! You can comment here or post to any of our social media outlets. You can also email your story and photo to jami@dog-a-holics.com. 



Hello Dogaholics Service Clients (and all other Pet Parents),

A sudden outbreak of the canine influenza virus is spreading throughout the Chicago area. 

Rest assured Dogaholics Service Center has not seen any symptoms of CIV from our clients using daycare, grooming or boarding services.

To continue to help keep our facility clear of the flu, we are requesting a few things from our clients. 

  • Please do not take your dog to public parks until the canine flu outbreak has passed.
  • If you use more than one doggy daycare, please only choose one to attend, to prevent any cross contamination.
  • If your dog displays any of the symptoms, do not bring your dog to daycare until he’s seen and cleared by your veterinarian.
  • If your dog is diagnosed with Canine Respiratory Influenza (or any other contagious virus or bacteria) please notify us.



  • We always love to clean, but we've been extra vigilant about cleaning, disinfecting and ventilating our space throughout the day.
  • All staff is actively monitoring dogs for symptoms and are ready to advise pet parents if anything arises.
  • New client entry is being highly screened and their dog's recent play group experiences investigated.
  • Our outdoor play park has been closed to the public for a couple weeks to ensure we can control our environment as much as possible.



  • Help prevent the spread of canine influenza by vaccinating your dog with an effective vaccine. Contact your veterinarian for more information.
  • Do not allow your dog to drink out of public water bowls.
  •  If your dog has any of the signs of CIV infection, you should consider keeping him or her at home and avoid activities where other dogs can be exposed while your dog is coughing or exhibiting other signs of respiratory disease, usually for about 2 weeks.
  • Keep your dog's toys and food and water bowls clean.


Courtesy of our friends at Roscoe Village Animal Hospital


Canine influenza virus (CIV) causes a respiratory infection in dogs that is often referred to as "dog flu". CIV is a relatively new virus, so almost all dogs are susceptible to infection when they are newly exposed because they have not built up natural immunity. Most dogs that develop CIV infection have a mild illness, but some dogs get very sick and require hospitalization.

Canine influenza is very contagious, meaning that it is easily spread from dogs that are currently infected to healthy dogs. CIV can pass from dog to dog through virus particles in the air (i.e. through coughing or sneezing) or by coming into physical contact with other dogs (touching noses). It can also be picked up if a dog touches or plays with objects that were touched by infected dogs (for example, food bowls, toys). Humans can even transfer the virus between dogs. For example, they may spread the virus if they touch an infected dog, or even touch a toy or doorknob that the dog has contacted, and then touch another dog before washing their hands.


Be alert for the following signs, which are common in dogs with canine influenza:

  • Mild, low-grade fever (103°F)
  • Lethargy (tiredness)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cough, which may be dry or may bring up sputum
  • Runny nose with clear secretions at first, but may later change to a thick and yellow and/or pink-tinged color

If your dog shows any of these signs, contact your local veterinarian and avoid taking your dog anywhere that other dogs may be exposed until she has made a full recovery.

Questions? Call 773-549-9000 or email daycare@dog-a-holics.com

You Hopped, You Shopped and You Adopted!

This past weekend, the 7th Annual Hop Around the Shops event brought together local Southport Corridor merchants and dogs from Chicago animal shelters for a day of deals, discounts, shopping and adopting.

The last few years I've watched Hop Around the Shops from inside our boutique; helping customers draw eggs filled with candy and discounts from our Easter basket and greeting the adoptable dog stationed outside. But this year, I was the one in charge of the whole thing, and my perspective changed quite a bit!

Adding "Event Planner" to my resume was an exciting and new venture for me as Director of Outreach at Dogaholics. Hop Around the Shops was my first large-scale event and it was definitely a fun way to kick-off Spring in Lakeview. Coordinating 28 businesses, 30+ dogs from four different shelters and directing all the required volunteers was no easy feat but it sure was a rewarding one!

Seeing the community come together for such a good cause is how I know what we do is important. When business owners and managers would come in to Dogaholics asking who their dog would be, we'd look up the dog's photo on the shelter's website and there was always a squeal of joy over the cutie that would be at their store soon. I know there were a few employees that thought about taking their hosted dog home with them that day!

Just watching the leaders from the various shelters chatting together and bonding over their passion of animal rescue was warming to me. You start to realize that the day was more than just getting these dogs out of the shelter for a day - it was about showing the community that shelter pets are just as loving, cute and eager to be your new family member. It was about how volunteering for a day or fostering a dog for a week is just as crucial to the success of finding these animals their furever homes. Most of all, I think it's about the connection that dogs have with us and how their very presence makes us smile and brings us all together.

The event itself was a huge success and even though final adoption numbers are still coming in, I know that a few of the dogs were adopted on the spot! Plus, several applications were turned in in hopes of adopting others. There was definitely an increase in interest this year and I know there were lots of people who are on their way to pet parenthood!

Thank you to everyone who was involved with Hop Around the Shops this year and I'm looking forward to making next year's event even bigger and better!

-Kelly, Director of Outreach at Dogaholics

To see more photos from the day, visit our Facebook!