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Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy

At Dogaholics, we love people who are as obsessed with dogs as we are! That's why we cater to the pet parents who cherish their dogs as much as their dogs adore them. As a multi-service facility dedicated to treating your pooch like the family member they are, we offer boarding, daycare, and grooming for dogs in the Chicago and Lakeview areas.

Our Services

Dog Boarding

At Dogaholics, we understand your deep affection for your dogs and your desire for them to experience a home-like environment even when you're away. Our Dog Boarding accommodations go beyond the ordinary, offering lavish suites that provide a pampering experience for your beloved pets, ensuring they feel as if they're on a well-deserved vacation of their own.

Dog Daycare

Are you seeking an enjoyable space for your dog to spend the day in playful activities? Our Dog Daycare program provides a fun and convenient option for pet owners in the midwest, offering your dog a day filled with exciting playtime and socialization under the supervision of our trained and caring staff.

Dog Grooming

Transform your dog into the envy of the neighborhood with a rejuvenating visit to the Dog Grooming Spa at Dogaholics. Our skilled staff, with training and experience, caters to all breeds, ensuring each customer receives a premium spa treatment for their beloved furry companions.

Pet Transportation

Running late to work, but hate to leave your pupper behind and miss out on a fun-filled day of dog daycare? Worry no more by utilizing our transportation service for our canine clients. Rest assured that your pooch will be in good hands while being transported to dog daycare.

Our Promise

The love of a dog is pure. They don't care how much money we make, what we look like, or what careers we choose. Where else in the world can we find that kind of undying loyalty, devotion, and heart in one package? The answer lies in our dogs, and we think that is something to be celebrated. So spoil your dog and be an over-the-top pet parent. Get them groomed with a stylish haircut and schedule puppy playdates at our daycare center—even throw them a birthday party! Give them all your heart, because they give you theirs. Meet other dog owners who feel the same way you do, and embrace your obsession. We have!

Owning a dog is a commitment for your pooch’s entire life. Since your four-legged pal is a member of the family—sometimes the favorite family member—we cherish that rock-solid bond you share with your furry loved one and strive to meet all your pup’s needs while they’re in our care. They grow with you, change with you, and are always loyal and committed to you. That’s why we cater to the pet parents who understand unconditional love goes both ways. That’s why we promise to provide the highest quality care and the services you truly value, all backed by the greatest expertise in the industry. As Dogaholics ourselves, it’s a promise that we take great pride in and endeavor to uphold each and every day.

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Dog Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming in Chicago

For all your canine companion’s daycare, boarding, and grooming needs in Chicago and Lakeview, trust in the devoted team at Dogaholics. Nowhere else will you find people more obsessed with dogs, and we set out to prove our passion through the top-notch care we provide your pooch. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about our dog-friendly services.